Aromatherapy Spritzer by Le Noir Bleu


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Part whimsy, part witchy. always magical. Le Noir Bleu’s Aromatherapy Spritzers are inspired by an obsession with olfactory and visual senses.

Each of these spritzers are made with essential oils, healing witch hazel, and Vitamin E. Great as a natural air freshener, scenting linens, or subtle perfume.

Sweet Dreams
Oregon Trees Breeze
Pagan Moon

With over 20 years experience making soaps, candles, and natural perfumes, Le Noir Bleu was created to offer an alternative to all of the scary, mass-produced, and unhealthy products lining the shelves that list numerous chemicals, hidden animal by-products, and unnatural ingredients. They prefer to use as many local ingredients as possible and everything is made by hand with a lot of loving care.

Plant-based. Natural. Cruelty-free. Always vegan, since 1999.

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Oregon Trees Breeze, Pagan Moon, Sweet Dreams


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