Le Noir Bleu Full Moon roll ons


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Le Noir Bleu is part whimsy, part witchy, and always magical. Since 1999, their Portland made plant-based, natural, cruelty-free, and vegan aromatherapy products have been inspired by an obsession with olfactory and visual senses.

We lassoed the moon for you… Le Noir Bleu’s Full Moon 12 wearable fragrance oils! Long-lasting 1/3 ounce (10 ml.) roll-on bottle.

Le Noir Bleu’s Twelve Months of Full Moons wearable fragrance oils: Phthalate free and each scent comes in a long-lasting one-third ounce roll-on bottle. All oils are made with top shelf, high quality, skin nourishing carrier oils of apricot kernel, coconut, and Vitamin E.

Note: this item is NOT currently available at the Oakland store.

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Blood Moon, Buck Moon, Cold Moon, Crow Moon, Dark Moon, Flower Moon, Harvest Moon, Rose Moon, Seed Moon, Storm Moon, Wolf Moon, Wyrt Moon


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