Deliah’s Curio Cabinet Dragon’s Blood Oil

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Dragon’s Blood Oil is vesseled in a little bottle, but packed with a lot of power! Used for banishing, commanding, exorcism, love, lust, power, and protection.

Please note that true dragon’s blood oil does not have a fragrance, and so this is not intended as a perfume!

Deliah’s Curio Cabinet products are handmade by a small-batch folk witch based in Portland, OR. Every bottle of oil seeps for seven weeks, starting with a New Moon and ending on a Full Moon for planetary charge. Each batch is intentionally shaken, blessed, and charged everyday until bottled and ready for use.

Oils can be used for anointing and crafting. Shake the bottle well before each use, as the resins will start to settle.

1 fl.oz. bottle

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2 reviews for Deliah’s Curio Cabinet Dragon’s Blood Oil

  1. Olivia W.

    I had the privilage of sampling a very small drop amount of this Blood Oil and oh my goodness, this concoction is POWERFUL. My entire rest of the day after applying a very small amount onto myself felt very dream like; an amplified state of connection to the world around, so I can only imagine the potency in this oil when being used properly in spell work of all sorts. BUY this OIL!! I know I’m gonna!!

  2. Annie Aube

    This oil is absolutely astounding! I used it in an abundance ritual and the outcome was amazing. The ritual itself did not manifest in the way that I originally intended but in ways that I hadn’t even dreamt of. The fruits were many and far beyond my expectations. I owe a lot of gratitude to this oil!

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