Danburite: Small Energetically Charged


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Danburite is one of Barry’s all time favorite crystals! It looks like a clear quartz but it has a different growth pattern that makes it look like a tool from outer space. Danburite is a gentle high vibrational stone which means that it helps us connect with energies or beings that are beyond the conceivable reality of our more dense material dimension.

You can use Danburite to connect with interdimensional beings, spirit guides, angels and other beings we may not even have words for! These Danburites come from Barry’s personal collection and have been charged on his altar with an energy of support, encouragement, inspiration, courage and faith to help us cultivate our own creative self-expression.

Just like everything else Mother Nature has created, your new stone friend is unique and will vary slightly in size and color from the ones you see here.

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