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Astrology is a complex system of divination that includes many components. The Astrology Learning Cards provide a simple way to learn many of the fundamentals associated with this long standing art. This deck includes the key definitions of the Astrological Signs, Planets, houses, and Relational Aspects. Each card is double sided with the symbol and/or name on one side with the description and/or associations on the other.

This second edition deck has several new sections added, including natal chart patterns, hemispheres, house types, the nodes of the Moon, quadrants, the Midheaven, Chiron, and the Descendant. The deck comes with a small booklet that includes information on how the use the deck, Terminology, and Using the cards for laying out one’s birth chart, and more.

Altogether the Astrology Learning Cards deck has 70 unique cards. Size: 3.75″ x 5.25″ in a durable storage box.

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