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Welcome in! Thanks for joining us at The Raven’s Wing Magical Co., we are so happy you are here! We have many years experience as an in-person emporium of magical supplies: candles, crystals and stones, delightful scented oils, sprays and incenses, cleansing herbs and much more. Please take a look around at our online offerings, and stay tuned as we work to add more items in the coming weeks. 

Have a magical question? Don’t see what you need? Would you prefer to pick up your order (no contact) at your local store?
Feel free to email us, or call 12:00pm to 6:00pm Pacific time, 7 days a week Pacific time.
Oakland: 510.444.9355 – Portland: 503.946.8951
Orders ship from Portland, not all items are in stock in the Oakland store. Call for availability.

Corral your crystals, contain your candles and catch incense ashes with the accessories you’ll find here
The Raven’s Wing Baths
Hand crafted spiritual baths containing a unique magical combination of salts, herbs, and oils to help manifest your intentions.
Black Lives Matter Spell Kit
We created these protection spell kits specifically for the
protection of black lives.
Stay safe, stay strong!
Choose a color, make a wish! The power of fire catalyzes your intentions and releases your prayers into the universe.
Herb bundles, burnables, washes, and waters that
help to purify and eliminate negativity.
Crystals & Stones
High-energy crystals, gems, and stones to help you achieve many of your needs, wants, and desires.
Seeking answers from the unknown?  Oracles, tarot decks, and more tools to unlock your intuition
Traditional and innovative
scent combinations to transform your space into a magical sanctuary.
Personal Care
Self-care is magical! Pamper yourself like the divine being you are with these handmade body products.
Wearable crystals and stones add beauty and intention to everyday. 
Adorn yourself, gorgeous one!

Anoint your candles, your stones, or even yourself.

Our oils empower every part of your magic.
The Raven’s Wing Powders
Our handcrafted blend of herbs and essential oils, designed to boost the  potency of your magical workings.
Scent without smoke! Our sprays can calm, cleanse, sanctify and invigorate.

Suitable for freshening air, fabric, and the body.
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We proudly serve the spiritual supply needs of pagans, polytheists, witches, wiccans, gem & mineral enthusiasts, and metaphysical/new age communities.
Your magic is our mission!

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